Always Fly True to Your North!

Greetings traveler, and welcome to the fine and mysterious shop of Ravenorth!

We work hard to perfect our printing process to bring your tabletop or display to life in exquisite detail.

RESINS. We select our resins based on their ability to flawlessly capture fine details, as well as survive some handling for tabletop use. The color of our resin is subject to change as we experiment and continue to seek out the perfect materials for our customers. Our “Current Resin” best in overall print quality and durability, but you may request one of our “Optional Resins” by sending us a message at the time of purchase. If you have ordered from us in the past, you may find some of our past resins on this list!

CURRENT RESIN COLOR: Tombstone Grey or Blue Steel
Please message us if you prefer one to the other.

PRINTING PROCESS. We currently use all 4K resin printers, which allow us to capture as much detail as possible. We take considerable time editing supports and carefully clipping and sanding our models to minimize the time you have to spend cleaning up before putting your models on the table. However, there may still be some cleanup necessary, and some models may come in multiple pieces, requiring assembly.

SHIPPING PROCESS. Every model is carefully and lovingly wrapped and protected to minimize the chance of any damage or breaking during the transit period. When unpacking, please be careful as resins may be delicate and thin models may be easily damaged.

Thank you again for stopping by, and as always, may you always fly true to your north!

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